Wadi Araba environment

Wadi Araba is located in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and covers an area of ​​2000 km2. It extends from the Ghuwaiba area in the north to the Aqaba economic zone in the south, and from the international border in the west to an altitude…

Wadi Araba Development Company is the main developer of lands in the region

The establishment of Wadi Araba Development Company as the main developer of lands in the region will have the greatest impact and results; among them are:, the development, management and development of lands. Renting other lands except agricultural…

The comparative advantage of Wadi Araba - the comprehensive plan 2016

Increased production of agricultural crops for home use and export (developing a valuable chain of sustainable agriculture). , A very large and undeveloped tourist area that includes oases and sand dunes

The desired results from developing the Wadi Araba region and the priorities of investment projects in it

Preserving the environment and historical heritage: The group of projects under this section of development projects aims to preserve the rich cultural heritage in the Wadi Araba for the future and future generations, and on a sound environment by…

The comprehensive plan preparation project

Preparing the comprehensive plan for the integrated development of Wadi Araba development based on environmental, topographic, hydrological, geological and geotechnical studies and investigations for the region.