The aim of the project:



-  Wastewater flood waters are collected and stored in Dam Lake.
- Using stored water for irrigation.
- Using stored water for underground shipping.
- Environmental development of the dam.
- Finding job opportunities for the people of the people of the Al-Sadd region during implementation and during the - - operation and maintenance period.



The current status of the project:



- The agreement to implement the Al-Fidan Dam project was signed during April of 2017

- The contractual cost of constructing the dam reached (10,518) million dinars.

- The contractual cost of overseeing the project was (1.5) million dinars.

- 3.5 million cubic meters of water will be provided for irrigation and ground feeding.

- The completion rate in 2018 reached (18%), and the project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020


تاريخ الانتهاء