Our projects

Wadi Araba projects are implemented within the integrated development program for the development of Wadi Araba region for the years (2017-2021). Within this program are a group of projects.  

All projects are completed

Its area is (1960) acres, with (100) agricultural units.
Its area is (1800) dunums, with (90) agricultural units.
Its area is (1200) acres, with (60) agricultural units.
Its area is (1560) dunums, at the rate of (78) agricultural units.

projects are under implementation

The projects are executed by the Jordan Valley Authority and are funded from the company's allocations and will be operated and maintained by the company after its completion
It covers an area of 600 acres, with 27 agricultural units.
The objective of the project: to collect and store valley flood water in Al Sadd Lake.
An agreement was signed with Zakaria Al-Tarawneh Contracting Company to implement the Rahma Dam project in April 2017
The objective of the project: to provide existing irrigation projects with water and implement investment projects to create job opportunities for the residents of the region
Rehabilitation project for operation and maintenance building and construction of warehouses for the company in Risha.
The project of opening and paving roads in Wadi Araba

Future projects

An area of ​​(100) acres has been completed studies and designs
The capital of the project is (70) million dinars, and the project was presented to foreigners and local investors.
Integrated production of meat, dairy, cheese, milk and even sheep residues, which will be processed and sold inside Wadi Araba as a natural fertilizer. The project will include sheep sheds, a veterinary clinic, a fodder factory and a milking plant with an
Where an area of (2000) dunums was allocated to the Risha Triangle to create the development zone
An area of (25) acres, at a cost of (5,7) million dinars
The aim of the project: to reach new markets in the region and in Europe
The objective of the project: to take advantage of the reservoir surfaces for irrigation projects in Wadi Araba, an area of more than 10,000 square meters for solar power generation
The objective of the project: to grow bream, sea bass and barramundi