Wadi Araba Development Company seeks to enhance its role towards the local community through its implementation of several activities related to multiple axes such as preserving the environment and awareness and supporting and strengthening the capabilities of youth and assisting school and university students and empowering women with the aim of enhancing the social role and enhancing the spirit of initiative and cooperation with the company’s staff and creating a positive atmosphere with approval Society, through the implementation of the following activities

The activities that the company provides to the local community continuously and periodically

Cleaning and maintaining water eyes for the farmers in Wadi Araba periodically (78) eyes.
Providing the tourist societies and research centers with free water for the purpose of enabling them to carry out their work
Supporting the youth sports sector so that the sports team is connected by bus to sports matches and events
Communicating with various authorities to secure training of cadres, for example, training (28) girls from Wadi Araba in Aqaba on sewing work, while ensuring transportation for them through the company
A free medical day was done in cooperation with the German University of Eilen and the Lamar Charitable Foundation, where a large number of citizens with hearing problems were examined and (50) free medical stethoscopes were installed for those in need.
Wheelchairs and movement aids (crutches + walker) were distributed.
Delivery of water by tanker to residents of mobile homes of poetry outside the boundaries of the organization, for distances that sometimes reach more than (50) km by unpaved roads
Food parcels and prepaid cards distributed from the military were distributed in cooperation with the Lamar Charitable Foundation to needy citizens in Wadi Araba
Delivery of university students to and from their universities in Aqaba and Karak
Water pools for agricultural units in a well project in support of farmers
Provide transportation means to transport school and institute students daily to and from their place of residence.
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