The aim of the project

Preparing the comprehensive plan for the integrated development of Wadi Araba development based on environmental, topographic, hydrological, geological and geotechnical studies and investigations for the region.


Components of the project

  • Identification of areas of a tourist nature.
  • Determine lands with investment capabilities.
  • Determine the areas that can be exploited through various agricultural projects (such as agriculture, fish farming, and livestock).
  • Define areas of population expansion.
  • Define mixed areas, which are those areas associated with the current villages and have potential for population expansion, commercial and industrial.
  • Determine the areas that can be used to establish recreational projects.
  • Define suitable areas for establishing institutional projects for developing public services (such as training centers, vocational schools, heritage culture centers, craft centers, cemeteries, etc.).
  • Determine suitable areas for exploitation in light industrial projects that are in line with the environment of the region and those associated with agricultural production and manufacturing projects.
  • Define areas of natural reserves.
  • Archeological site identification.
  • Identify suitable areas for dams construction, water harvesting and groundwater recharge.
  • Identify suitable areas for drilling surface and deep wells.
  • Provide a guide for the purposes of protecting land use and protecting environmental and cultural areas in the region
Four vital centers

Four vital centers


Badminton (Wadi Araba administrative center)

Wadi Araba Hospital

Model school

Banks and financial and administrative institutions

Corporate governance work

Media and Technology Center

Quraygara and Vinan (agricultural area)

Agricultural Development Center

The development of the tourism sector in the north of the region

Rahma and Qatar (Industries and Storage Centers)

Light industries

Agricultural products industry

Development and free zones

Export companies

Development of sports services

Film industry and services

Well mentioned (Tourism, Heritage and Art Center)

Tourism and heritage

Research center

Tourist visitor center

Tourist Training Center

Handicraft center

Sports centers (such as camel racing field)

Wadi Araba Integrated Development Master Plan

The cost of the project

The bid was awarded with a value of 685.9 thousand Jordanian dinars.


Duration of the project

270 calendar days