The origins and goals of the company


On October 9, 2016, Wadi Araba Development Company / a private limited joint stock company was registered in the register of private joint-stock companies under No. (1151) at the Companies Control Department / Ministry of Industry and Trade with an authorized capital of (250,000) Jordanian dinars and a registered capital (paid). 250,000) Jordanian dinars.

The company's articles of association and articles of association specify its tasks and the goals for which the company was established, as follows:
1-    Development, management and development of lands.
2-    Renting other lands with the exception of agricultural and residential units.
3-     Establishing and developing services for the development area .
4-     Investing in agricultural, industrial and tourism projects. .
5-    Promoting and developing the region economically and socially and marketing it .
6-    Preserving the distinctive environment in Wadi Araba.
7-    Integrated development of Wadi Araba region through major projects. 
8-    Development of service and development projects in the region..

Pursuant to the provisions of Article (3 / H / 2) of the applicable Jordan Valley Development Law, an agreement has been reached to delegate powers and transfer tasks between the Jordan Valley Authority and Wadi Araba Development Company based on the esteemed Cabinet Resolution No. (5240) dated November 19 2017, which includes approval of The terms of the agreement mentioned, according to which the company became the legal successor to the authority of the Jordan Valley in the development area.

Wadi Araba Development Company staff


The company was provided with employees from the Jordan Valley Authority for the purpose of assisting the company in carrying out its tasks, which numbered (136) employees.

The geographical area of ​​work of the company


The Wadi Araba region is located in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with a total area of ​​about (2000) km2. It is bordered to the north by the Dead Sea region, to the south by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone and to the east by Petra and Wadi Musa and the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the west..
The Wadi Araba region is inhabited by six population groups with a low population density of (5) individuals / km2 and a number not exceeding (9500) people. Although the region falls within three areas with accelerated economic and investment growth, the Wadi Araba region is classified as a region of poverty pockets in The kingdom. .

The company's work centers


-    The headquarters of the company: Aqaba Governorate / Wadi Araba District / Risha.
-    The company's offices in Rahma Village / Wadi Araba District.
-    Liaison Office / Amman, address: Amman - Shmeisani -  behind the Marriott Hotel /PO Box (2769), phone (06-5603649),  fax (06-5626778).
-    Email:
-    Website:

Word of the president

I have the honor to place in your hands the official website of the Wadi Araba Development Company… Read more..
On my own behalf, and on behalf of my fellow council members, I am pleased to put in your hands the… Read more..

Vision and mission

Core values

-  Equity, fairness and equal opportunity.

- Transparency.

- Creativity and Excellence.

- Participatory.

- Loyalty, affiliation, and teamwork.



the message

A company aiming at developing, developing and managing lands and investing in agriculture, tourism and industry, developing service projects in Wadi Araba and preserving cultural and touristic heritage.


The development of Wadi Araba economically and socially, and creating an attractive environment for investment, while preserving the distinct environment.